A1 Basket Greece

Πέμπτη, 7 Μαΐου 2015

Panathinaikos beat Panelfsiniakos for Basket League twenty fifth day

Panathinaikos hosted and beat Panelfsiniakos for Basket League twenty fifth day. Panathinaikos first game with Manolopoulos as head coach was different. Against the already relegated Panelefsiniakos Manolopoulos used players that did not have much time until now. Janis Blums was the top scorer with 17 points, young Papagiannis scored 6 points and collected 9 rebounds, Charalampopoulos served 5 assists, Fotsis collected 10 rebounds and DeMarcus Nelson scored 12 points. For Panelefsiniakos Kurt Looby collected 18 rebounds, but missed the double double for one point. Stelios Ioannou had 5 points and 6 rebounds. Nikos Pappas was injured while trying to make a dunk, and went to hospital for stitches.
Quarters' scores: 13-19, 27-41, 40-65, 51-82

Panathinaikos: Charalampopoulos 5, Slaughter 12, Bochoridis 5, Fotsis 6, Nelson 12, Pappas, Mavrokefalidis 14, Diamantidis 5, Blums 17, Papagiannis 6, Lountzis, Lawal.
Panelefsiniakos: Drakotos 1, Tsakaleris 3, Vasilopoulos 9, Looby 9, Athanasoulas 6, Markovic 8, Dorkofikis 6, Ioannou 5, Fotiadis, Simpson, Avramidis, Ofoegbu.

Panathinaikos released Dusko Ivanovic

Panathinaikos released its coach Dusko Ivanovic after the defeat by Olympiacos. In his less than a season pass from the team Ivanovic counts 21-3 record for the Basket League regular season, but lost the first place and twice by Olympiacos. In Euroleague Panathinaikos with Ivanovic had a 13-15 record, with many road defeats by teams weaker than the Greens. Ivanovic won the Greek Cup with Panathinaikos by playing and winning only 3 games. His assistant coach Sotiris Manolopoulos will be the temporary coach of the team.

Olympiacos beat Panathinaikos for Basket League twenty fourth day

Olympiacos beat Panathinaikos for Basket League twenty fourth day. With another great game by Spanoulis and Printezis Olympiacos doubled its wins against Panathinaikos, secured the first place and the home advantage in the the play offs. Panathinaikos played without James Gist, who was banned due to marijuana use, and this was the last game with Ivanovic as Panathinaikos coach. The game was interrupted for 25 minutes in the end, since home fans broke into court, after Spanoulis celebrated a crucial three pointer.
Quarters' scores: 18-22, 34-38, 48-62, 66-77

Panathinaikos (Ivanovic): Slaughter 8, Bochoridis 2, Giankovits 10, Fotsis 2, Pappas 12, Mavrokefalidis 2, Diamantidis 3, Batista 22, Blums 3.
Olympiacos (Sferopoulos): Petway 4, Hunter 4, Dunston 7, Spanoulis 12, Darden 15, Sloukas 3, Lojeski 7, Printezis 16, Agravanis 2, Mantzaris 7.

Πέμπτη, 30 Απριλίου 2015

Panathinaikos beat Aris for Basket League twenty third day

Panathinaikos beat Aris for Basket League Greece 2014-2015 twenty third day. Panathinaikos did not face problems against Aris, but the game was between Nikos Pappas (17 points, 7 rebounds) and Aleksandar Vezenkov (11 points and 11 rebounds). Pasalic and Diamantidis served 4 assists each, Giankovits made 3 steals, Drew Naymick made 4 blocks. Aris collected only 3 offensive rebounds and 13 rebounds less than Panathinaikos.
Quarters' scores: 14-17, 23-38, 39-59, 56-72

Aris: Pasalic 2, Dimas, Reed 9(1), Thomas 6(2), Poulianitis 2, Charisis 2, Karathanasis, Vezenkov 11(1), Naymick 8, Mourots 9(1), Simtsak, Adegboye 7(1).
Panathinaikos: Slaughter 4, Bochoridis, Giankovits 8(2), Fotsis, Nelson 6, Pappas 17(3), Mavrokefalidis 2, Diamantidis 11(3), Gist 4, Batista 10, Blums 8(2), Lawal 2.

Olympiacos beat Panionios for Basket League twenty third day

Olympiacos hosted and beat Panionios for Basket League Greece 2014-2015 twenty third day. Olympiacos first game after qualifying in the Final Four was against the already relegated Panionios. Olympiacos was preparing for the forthcoming game against Panathinaikos and Dimitris Agravanis had the chance to show his talent after declared for the NBA Draft. For Panionios William Coleman had 22 points and 7 rebounds, Sheehey had 12 points, Dimitris Verginis had 9 points. For the winners Lojeski had 18 points with 4/7 three pointers, Dimitris Agravanis had 12 points and 6 rebounds, Kostas Sloukas had 9 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds, Spanoulis had 7 assists, Kavvadas had 12 points with 5/6 field goals.
Quarters' scores: 32-17, 51-28, 80-43, 108-65

Olympiacos: Petway 6, Hunter 10, Dunston 15, Spanoulis 7(1), Darden 11(2), Papapetrou 4, Sloukas 9, Lafayette 1, Lojeski 18(4), Avgravanis 12(1), Mantzaris 3(1), Kavvadas 12.
Panionios: Xanthopoulos, Petropoulos, Verginis 9(2), Sheehey 12(2), Spyropoulos 2, Strnand 7(1), Oikonomopoulos, Bilis, Stamatis 3, Georgiadis, Colleman 22.

PAOK beat Kolossos Rodou for Basket League twenty fourth day

PAOK hosted and beat Kolossos Rodou for Basket League Greece 2014-2015 twenty fourth day. The visitors had their Greeks in a good day and besides the first quarter troubled PAOK. For the winners Kevin Langford had 20 points and 7 fouls drawn, Christos Saloustros and Julian Vaughn collected 7 rebounds each, and Jake Odum served 8 assists. For the visitors Tsamis had 14 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds, Ernest Scott had 8 points and 8 rebounds, Taylor Smith had 8 points and 5 rebounds. A game with few turnovers (8-12) and poor three pointers accuracy (6/22, 3/14).
Quarters' scores: 27-17, 45-37, 64-53, 77-72

PAOK: Langford 20(1), Liapis, Carter 8, Tsochlas 3(1), Dedas 5(1), Margaritis 7(1), Odum 14(2), Vaughn 12, Sinandinovic, Charitopoulos 4, Saloustros 4(7ρ.
Kolossos Rodou: Toliopoulos 4, Larentzakis 8, Waters 10, Manolopoulos, Smith 8, Stefanidis 4, Linden 2, Scott 8, Tsamis 14(2), Hagins 7, Robinson 7(1).

Δευτέρα, 27 Απριλίου 2015

Dimitris Agravanis has declared for NBA 2015 Draft

One day after Aleksandar Vezenkov, Dimitrios Agravanis (Greek, Power Forward, 1994) has declared for NBA 2015 Draft. Agravanis currently plays for Olympiacos in the Basket League Greece and Euroleague.