Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eurobasket Slovenia: Greece vs Turkey pre-match stats and analysis

Greece plays against Turkey in a death match where Turkey can be eliminated from Eurobasket Slovenia 2013. In first two games Greece has two victories and Turkey two defeats. Greece scored 79,5 points in average while Turkey only 65,0 points. Greece allows her opponents to score 61,0 points in average, almost the scoring average of Turkey, while Turkey allows opponents to score 75,5,  close to scoring of Greece. By scores only the most possible result seems 77-63 for Greece but the lack of Spanoulis and the rivalry of the two teams may lower the score. A weakness of the Greek team in the first two games is free throws percentage with a low of 62,0% which can be crucial in the forthcoming games. But even 62% free throws percentage seems high for Turkey which has the lowest percentage in the tournament with 55,8%. Greece is also bad in turnovers with average 17,5 turnovers per game while Turkey makes lower turnovers with an average of 12,0 per game. The lack of Spanoulis though won't alter much the style of play for the Greek national team since their opponents make 25,5 fouls per game which is the highest number in the tournament. This high number of won fouls is result of Trinchieri's rotating system which makes full use of the bench depth of Greece. To sum up, Greece has a leading position before the game but we expect Turkey to higher its shooting percentages at this game. Greece will depend on its rotating system to wear Turkey with fouls and in such a crucial game poor free throws percentages won't help the weaker Turkey. If percentages and averages play basketball then Greece will win Turkey with 5-10 points and a score about 77-63.

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