Thursday, September 19, 2013

Greek police arrested the foreign players of Panionios BC

In another incident of racism, the Greek Police arrested four foreign players of Panionios BC.
The four foreign players of Panionios BC, Landon Milbourne, Kevin Langford, Guy-Marc Michel, Uros Duvnjak, were in a car driving in Piraeus street after Greek Basketball League draw. A policeman probably didn't like four foreign people in the same car and made a signal to stop the car. Landon Milbourne was the driver and he didn't realize the policeman was signalling him to stop the car. A riot police group ran after the car and stopped it in the middle of the street. The policemen asked the four men to exit the car and handcuffed all four of them at once. Guy-Marc Michel was afraid so that policemen pushed him into the police car and drove to the police station. No one of the players could speak Greek and no one from the policemen could understand English nor French or so, but even when the Greek basketball player of Kolossos Rodou Christoforos Stefanidis informed the policemen about the players the policemen didn't show any regret and drove the foreign players to the police station. After going to the police station the Greek player who was the only one that policemen could understand explain to them who the four foreigners were and the policemen released them after some time.
So even if you are a legal foreigner who plays basketball in Greece, if you don't speak Greek and you are black and tall you may end to the police station in handcuffs for nothing.

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