Sunday, October 13, 2013

Panelefsiniakos lost by Panionios for the first day of Greek Basketball League 2013-2014

Panelefsiniakos hosted and lost by Panionios for the first day of the Greek Basketball League 2013-2014. Athanasoulas scored the first points for Panionios with a 3-points shot and Faye replied with the first two points for Panelefsiniakos. First quarter finished with 19-19 score and Faye with Mantzaris having scored 6 points for Panelefsiniakos while for Panionios McCollum, Duvnjak and Kavvadas had 4 points each. McCollum reached 10 points in the second quarter and Panionios was ahead by 25-31. Mantzaris also reached 10 points for Panelefsiniakos and the halftime score was 41-38. In the first half Panelefsiniakos dominated rebounds with 21 (12-9) against 8 of Panionios (5-3). Third quarter was as competitive as the previous one with the teams being in short distance. Panionios collected 11 rebounds, 3 more than in the whole half time. Both teams had poor accuracy in three points, around 25% each, making it a tough game. Third quarter score was 57-56, so both teams entered last quarter from equal basis. In the fourth quarter Panionios ran a 4-0 score and turned the score to 57-60 9 minutes before the end. Batis and Duvnjak gave Panionios a five point lead 4 minutes before the end. Batis and Papamakarios then had a verbal fight so they were both charged with technical foul and then the first scored once more making the score 62-69. Batis was the man for Panionios in the last quarter. Panelefsiniakos tried with three points shots in the end to win the game but 25% accuracy it wasn't that easy. McCollum scored two points, Faye two free throws but then Nikou made a steal 30 seconds before the end and scored a three points shot 15 seconds before the end and the game was still on. Batis scored only one out of two free throws, Nikou also missed one free throw and the last three points shot. After all Panionios defeated Panelefsiniakos by two points, 72-74, in a great game that keep the fans excited till the end. Panionios scoring stability is something to remember with the team scoring 19, 19, 18, 18 points in each quarter. Quarters' scores: 19-19, 41-38, 57-56, 72-74.

Panelefsiniakos: Nikou 14(2), Papamakarios 8(1), Ross 6, Dimakos, Jones 5, Magounis 8 (1),
Faye 12(1), Melissaratos 5, Turner 4, Mantzaris 10, Avramidis.
Panionios: McCollum 23, Stamatis, Motsenigos, Duvnjak 17(1), Milbourne 4, Athanasoulas 6(1),
Batis 10(1), Kavvadas 6, Langford, Michel, Simtsak 8, Saloustros.

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