Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ikaros Chalkidas lost by Panelefsiniakos for fourth day of Greek Basketball League

Panelefsiniakos double its victories by winning Ikaros in Chalkida. Larry Turner with 7/7 shots, 3/3 free throws and 5 blocks was the leader for his team. For Panelefsiniakos Nikou, Papamakarios, Fayer and Turner scored more than 10 points. For Ikaros Chalkidas Strnad, Govens, Aska and Beck scored more than 10 points but they weren't enough for the win. The second quarter was the key for Panelefsiniakos when with a 11-21 side score finished the first half with 13 points difference. In the second half Ikaros Chalkidas played better after Panelefsiniakos loosened its defense at 52-70. Ivan Aska finished the game with a double double, 15 points and 10 rebounds.
Quarters' scores: 20-23, 31-44, 50-65, 74-84.

Ikaros Chalkidas: Strnad 12, Govens 13, Papanikolopoulos 3, Aska 15, Manolopoulos 2, Sutton 4, Gagaloudis 8, Borovnjak 1, Toliopoulos, Vougioukas 1, Beck 15, Persidis.
Panelefsiniakos: Nikou 11, Papamakarios 10, Arapis, Bradley Ross 10, Dimakos, Jones 8, Magounis, Faye 12, Melissaratos 3, Turner 17, Mantzaris 8, Avramidis 5.

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