Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Panionios defeated Bisons Loimaa for Eurocup fifth day

Panionios hosted and defeated Bisons Loimaa for Eurocup fifth day. The team from Finland debuted this year in the Eurocup. Both teams had 2 victories and 2 defeated in the first games. The team from Finland started the game with an offensive attack and finished first quarter ahead by five points. Panionios replied with a massive second quarter. The team from Athens created a difference of 6-8 points which kept until the end. Keving Langford was the first scorer for Panionios and Landon Milbourne was helpful in scoring and rebounds. Mikko Koivosto played 30 minutes and scored 10 points. Billy Keys played 31 minutes without scoring, since he had 0/5 shots and 5 turnovers.
Quarters' scores: 15-20, 38-22, 56-45, 74-62.

Panionios: McCollum 14, Stamatis, Duvnjak 3, Carter 12, Milbourne 14, Athanasoulas, Skordilis 4, Kavvadas 4, Langford 19, Symtsak, Kyritsis 4, Saloustros.
Bisons Loimaa: Nikkarinen 9, Nuutinen 2, Robinson 11, Lindbom, Kotti 13, Pehkonen, Koivisto 10, Makalainen, Keys, Williamson 13, Sampson 4.

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