Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ikaros Chalkidas defeated Ilisiakos for Greek League tenth day

Ikaros Chalkidas hosted and defeated Ilisiakos for Greek League tenth day. Ryan Richards started his second game with his new team really taking many shots and scoring 8 points. Richards was out in the second half but his teammates Manolopoulos, Aska and Govens had a great game with 8/13 three pointers and kept the difference above ten points. For Ilisiakos Kafkis, Kevin Anderson and DJ Stephens had a good first half. Third quarter was balanced and the fourth crucial quarter starting with the home team ahead by 14 points. In the last quarter Ilisiakos with three Greek players, Periklis Dorkofikis, Panagiotis Kafkis and Stelios Ioannou, counter attacked and lowered the difference up to one point. The veteran Gagaloudis scored two crucial points in the last thirty seconds, Mbodj scored another two and the difference was back to one point. Ryan Richards missed a shot for Ikaros Chalkidas but in the last attack Marland Smith lost two shots and the chance to win the game. Ikaros Chalkidas won a game that was leading with ease but ruined the difference in the end. Dominique Sutton collected 10 rebounds but scored 6 points and missed another double double.
Quarters' scores: 23-15, 46-34, 63-49, 72-71.

Ikaros Chalkidas: Strnad 4, Govens 7, Aska 10, Manolopoulos 16, Sutton 6, Gagaloudis 14, Spanos, Toliopoulos, Vougioukas, Masic, Richards 15, Bempis.
Ilisiakos: Kafkis 17, Antonakis, Smith 7, Chatzis, Dorkofikis 14, Stephens 5, Vavatsikos 9, Ioannou, Tzougarakis, Mbodj 7, Anderson 12.

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