Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kolossos Rodou defeated Ikaros Chalkidas for Greek League twelfth day

Kolossos Rodou hosted and defeated Ikaros Chalkidas for Greek League twelfth day. Ikaros Chalkidas started the game much better than Kolossos Rodou and managed to lead the score in the half time by 18 points. Ikaros Chalkidas blacked out in the last quarter and didn't score in the last three minutes, losing a game that was leading for three quarters. Christoforos Stefanidis, Angelos Tsamis and Taylor Smith were the best players for Kolossos Rodou. For Ikaros Chalkidas Darrin Govens and Giannis Gagaloudis were the top scorers.
Quarters' scores: 19-19, 31-49, 50-57, 70-64.
Kolossos Rodou: Papantoniou 4, Matsamas, Georgalis 3, Kommatos 5, Smith 15, Stefanidis 15, Simpson 4, Tsamis 15, Osby 4, Kapelan, Danas, Nadjfeji 5.
Ikaros Chalkidas: Strnad 6, Govens 16, Aska 6, Manolopoulos, Sutton 2, Gagaloudis 17, Spanos 2, Vougioukas, Masic 7, Richards 8, Bempis, Persidis.

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