Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ilisiakos lost by Aris for Greek League 22nd day

Ilisiakos hosted Aris for Greek Basket League 22nd day. Iliakos and Aris had played 11 games for Greek Basket League and Aris have won all of them. Ilisiakos started good and was leading the score with 9-7 before Aris made a 2-10 run and finish first quarter with score 11-17. In the second quarter Ilisiakos scored only 9 points and finished the first half with 20 points, a very poor game. In the first half Ilisiakos had 6/10 free throws, 4/26 field goals and 2/8 three pointers. Ilisiakos was missing the shots and Aris was collecting the rebounds with total 32 in the first half against 19 of Ilisiakos. In the second half Ilisiakos started with a 11-3 run and finished with partial quarter score 24-12 and one point lead, 44-43. Last quarter started with Ilisiakos leading the score but the home team blacked out and didn't score for 9 minutes(!!). Aris made a 14-0 run and took back the lead and won the game. Ilisiakos will be relegated in the second division but was fighting in most games, this game was just very bad for the team. The team didn't score for 9 minutes in the fourth quarter and scored 7 points total in the last minute. With 13/50 field goals and 4/20 three pointers from Ilisiakos Aris had the chance to collect 54 rebounds. Aris was also bad in three pointers with 3/22 but had 19/34 field goals. Cheikh Mbodj collected 12 rebounds but had only 2 points by free throws and 0/5 field goals. For Ilisiakos only Stelios Ioannou with 14 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals was positive. For Aris Michalis Pelekanos and Giannis Athinaiou had 17 points each. Alexander Vezenkov collected 12 rebounds and had 8 points while Asimakopoulos collected 10 rebounds without scoring a point.
Quarters' scores: 11-17, 20-31, 44-43, 51-63.

Ilisiakos: Kafkis 14, Fakopoulidis, Antonakis 5, Chatzis, Zoumpos, Dorkofikis, Vavatsikos, Ioannou 14, Tzougarakis, Mbodj 2, Petrovic 4, Pigram 12.
Aris: Bochoridis 3, Pelekanos 17, Gikas 7, Tsakaleris, Asimakopoulos, Poulianitis, Charisis 6, Laretzakis, Vezenkov 8, Sarikopoulos 1, Mourtos 4, Athinaiou 17.

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