Thursday, April 10, 2014

Olympiacos beat Panathinaikos for Euroleague Top 16

Olympiacos hosted and defeated Panathinaikos for Euroleague Top 16. Both Greek teams had qualified in the next round but the winner would finish third and the loser fourth in the group. Olympiacos started with a 10-3 run but Panathinaikos replied with a 10-0 run and took the lead in score. With better defense Panathinaikos kept the difference in the second quarter that reached 10 points, 19-29, in the 15th minute. Matt Lojeski with four points in a row lowered the difference to six points. Panathinaikos with two goal-fouls created a difference of 11 points but Stratos Perperoglou was the last to score in the first half with a three pointer. Olympiacos was 8 points behind in the first half since the team had many missed three pointers, 3/13, and 2/6 free throws. 7 points for Matt Lojeski and Bryant Dunston  in the first half, while Brent Petway had 5 rebounds. For Panathinaikos Loukas Mavrokefalidis had 10 points in the first half. Diamantidis had 3 assists but no points in the first half and Spanoulis had 2 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist.
In the second half Panathinaikos started with 12 points lead, 29-41, but Olympiacos counter attacked and with a 12-0 run balanced the game, 41-41, in the 27th minute. With a free throw from Bryant Dunston Olympiacos took the lead, 42-41, after a long time but in the next play Dunston made his third foul and Loukas Mavrokefalidis balanced the game 42-42. Olympiacos improved in three pointers but with poor accuracy in the free throws couldn't maintain the lead. Fourth quarter started with a turnover by Spanoulis and a three pointer by Ramel Curry. Dimitris Diamantidis scored his first points with free throws in the 36th minute, giving his team six points lead, 56-62. Olympiacos missed two shots but took the offensive rebounds and with Kostas Sloukas scoring a three pointer lowered the difference to 3 points, 59-62. Dunston and Curry scored and missed one free throw each making the score 60-63. Mantzaris missed a three pointer, Bramos missed a two pointer before Kostas Sloukas equalized the score, 63-63. Diamantidis made his fifth turnover giving Olympiacos the advantage. Vasilis Spanoulis scored and made the score 65-63 just 23 seconds before the end. Loukas Mavrokefalidis with a dunk equalized the score for one more time with 4 seconds remaining. Vasilis Spanoulis scored a three pointer in the end and gave his team 3 points lead and only 0.8 seconds left for Panathinaikos. Panathinaikos made a turnover in the last ball, Sloukas made the steal and Olympiacos won by three points, 68-65.
Quarters' scores: 12-16, 29-37, 46-48, 68-65.

Olympiacos: Petway 7, Shermandini 2, Dunston 12, Spanoulis 9, Perperoglou 3, Papapetrou 5, Sloukas 12, Collins, Simmons, Mantzaris 11, Katsivelis, Lojeski 7.
Panathinaikos: Bramos 3, Curry 10, Batiste 4, Fotsis 5, Ukic 6, Lasme, Mavrokefalidis 17, Diamantidis 2, Gist 6, Pappas, Maciulis 4, Wright 8.

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