Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aries Tirkala beat Korivos Amaliadas for Basket League second day

Aries Tirkala hosted and defeated Korivos Amaliadas for Basket League second day. Trikala started the season with a defeat and Korivos with a victory but Trikala was playing its first home game against the newly promoted team of Korivos. Aries Trikala started better the game and was leading by 16-7 but Korivos made a 10-0 run and first quarter finished with the home team one point ahead. Second quarter was also tough with Robert Lowery being charged with a technical foul for complaining while his team was leading the score. The home team finished first half with 2/10 thre pointers. In the third quarter both teams improved and in the most productive quarter Aries Trikala took the lead. Korivos Amaliadas was better in the last quarter and balanced the game. In the last minute Angelopoulos with a three pointer and Robert Lowery with a goal-foul made the score from 67-61 to 67-67! Mario Matalon missed the next shot for Trikala and Josh Magette for Korivos so the game went to overtime. In the extra time Trikala was leading the score before Korivos started scoring three pointers. Magette, Kanonidis, Giannakidis scored three consecutive three pointers in the last minute and the score from 77-73 became 79-82! Matalon with four points in a row made the score 83-83 with six seconds left. In the last attack of Korivos the players of Trikala didn't make a foul on Magette with coach Flevarakis screaming but Mario Matalon stole the ball and equalized the score. Rob Lowery missed the last shot and the game went to second extra time. First extra time five minutes were most productive for both teams than the fourth quarter! In the second extra time Kadji, Matalon and Ingram helped their team to win a tight game after two extra times and 50 minutes. Kenny Kadji made a double double with 26 points and 13 rebounds. For Aries Trikala Justin Ingram had 17 points, Cupkovic had 15 points and 9 rebounds, Mario Matalon had 13 points and Nate Bowie had 12 points. For Korivos Amaliadas Rob Lowery had 23 points and 7 rebounds, Michalis Giannakidis had 17 points, Nikos Angelopoulos had 14 points, Darrius Garrett had 11 points and Josh Magette served 8 assists.
Quarters' scores: 19-18, 31-31, 56-52, 67-67. ET1: 83-83 ET2: 102-93

Aries Trikala (Flevarakis): Ingram 17, Tracey 3, Bowie 12, Cupkovic 15, Panos 6, Spanos, Kamariotis, Deligiannis 7, Matalon 13, Varytimiadis, Kadji 26, Houhoumis 3.
Korivos Amaliadas (H. Markopoulos): Magette 6, Robert 23, Giannakidis 17, Angelopoulos 14, Papapetrou, Davis 1, Vasiljevic 5, Kanonidis 4, Filippakos, Garrett 11, Dmitriev 2, Galliotos.

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