Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Aris - PAOK 0-20 (interrupted) for Basket League second day

Aris hosted PAOK for Basket League second day. In the previous season PAOK beat Aris in Alexandreion but needed an extra time to do it and since then both teams changed a lot. The game started 25 minutes after it was scheduled since one referee was hit by an object thrown by fans. First quarter was tight, PAOK was constantly leading the score by 1-2 points. In the second quarter Aris took the lead with a three pointer by Gikas, 20-18. PAOK with a 7-0 run took back the lead, 20-25, and Aris with replied with an 8-0 run, 28-20. The game was interrupted again as another object hit a referee 42 seconds before half time and the referees left the court. The referees asked the fans to evacuate the court in order for the game to continue, the fans didn't evacuate within an hour and the referees left the court. The game was won by PAOK 20-0 after Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association's decision. 
Quarters' scores: 17-18,

Aris BC (Priftis): Pasalic, Manolopoulos, Dimas, Gikas, Reed, Poulianitis, Charisis, Vezenkov, Naymick, Mourtos, Simtsak, Adegboye.
PAOK BC (S. Markopoulos): Langford, Liapis, Charalampidis, Carter, Kakaroudis, Tsochlas, Dedas, Margaritis, Kottas, Odum, Vaughn, Saloustros.

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