Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Drapetsona Youth team: the basketball we love

More than a team.
......Today as a form of complain for the unfair release of the coach of Drapetsona Youth team Mr. Petalas, the team went on court against Eleftheria Moschatou but didn't play.
Coach Petalas, who has years of experience as coach in many teams in Greece, was forced to resign so the players of the team reacted like this. The players say that you cannot sack a coach that was trying to make you not only a better player but a better person in general and with this action they proved that he made them better people.

The players of Drapetsona Youth team:
#5 Vasilis Antoniadis
#6 Apostolis Antoniadis
#7 Giorgos Nitsas
#8 Thodoris Kapatsoulias
#9 Giannis Zannias
#10 Dennis Rasev
#11 Allen Becirevic
#12 Kostas Manias
#14 Gerasimos Petrinolis
#15 Konstantinos Gardianos

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