Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zielona Góra beat PAOK for Eurocup seventh day

Zielona Góra hosted and beat PAOK for Eurocup seventh day. PAOK started with a 6-0 run but the home team took the lead before the end of the first quarter taking advantage of the technical foul that Odum was charged for flopping. The game was tight but PAOK was charged with three technical fouls for flopping and Jake Odum was sent off with expulsion due to two technical fouls. In the last minute Marc Carter made the score 78-75 but that was all for PAOK. The Greek team lost but Zielona Góra did not cover the difference of the first game.
Kostas Charalampidis got injured and he may be out of action for some weeks.
Quarters' scores: 20-16, 36-34, 59-53, 84-77

Stelmet Zielona Góra (Adamek): Cel 2, Troutman 4, Burtt 13 (1), Hanas 8 (2), Hosley 17, Kucharek, Johnson 7 (1), Hrycaniuk 8, Zamojski 14 (4), Koszarek 11 (2).
PAOK: Langford 13 (1), Liapis, Charalampidis 6, Carter 10 (2), Kakaroudis, Tsochlas 3 (1), Dedas 6 (2), Margaritis 5, Odum 12 (1), Vaughn 19, Saloustros 3 (1).

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