Saturday, March 7, 2015

KAOD beat Panionios for Basket League nineteenth day

KAOD beat Panionios for Basket League nineteenth day. In a tight game KAOD took an early but small lead. In the half time Dimitris Tsaldaris had 9 points and Rod Odom had 6 rebounds for the visitors. Panionios had 1/9 three pointers in the first half. The home team counter attacked in the third quarter and took the lead by 46-41 but did not manage to preserve it and win the game. For the winners the captain Zaras had 25 points, 10 fouls drawn and 6 rebounds, and the veteran Papamakarios had 17 points. For Panionios Dimitris Verginis and William Coleman had 16 points each, Yaroslav Korolev had 11 points and Vasilis Xanthopoulos served 7 assists. KAOD made 18 turnovers but Panionios, that made 10 turnovers, had 2/19 three pointers.
Quarters' scores: 12-15, 28-30, 51-53, 72-79

Panionios: Xanthopoulos 4, Petropoulos, Verginis 16(1), Tapoutos 9, Spyropoulos, Strnand 7(1), Stamatis 7, Asselin 2, Coleman 16, Korolev 11, Tubbs.
KAOD: Slaftsakis 5(1), Trotter, Harris 2, Atkins 8(1), Odom 7, Michel 2, Zaras 25(3), Loe 4(5ρ), Tsaldaris 9(3), Papamakarios 17(2).

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