Friday, June 21, 2024

Pavlos Petalotis Joins SoCal Academy

Pavlos Petalotis is set to join SoCal Academy, marking a pivotal moment in his basketball journey. Standing at 1.98 meters, the 16-year-old shooting guard is poised to continue his development in a competitive environment that will prepare him for the next level. With his experience from the Adidas Next Generation Tournament and training at Aris Thessaloniki, Petalotis is expected to make significant strides in his career at SoCal Academy.

About SoCal Academy

SoCal Academy is a prominent basketball academy in Los Angeles that serves as a gateway for young athletes aspiring to join American colleges. The academy is frequently scouted by college recruiters looking to identify and recruit promising players.


Player Profile

    Name: Pavlos Petalotis
    Age: 16
    Height: 1.98 meters (6’5”)
    Position: Shooting Guard
    Birth Year: 2008

Youth Career Highlights

Pavlos Petalotis began his basketball journey with GAS Komotini, where he made a remarkable impact by scoring in four different age categories in a single season. This achievement highlighted his versatility and skill, as he competed in the mini, junior, youth, and men's leagues.

Pavlos Petalotis then moved to the Aris Thessaloniki academy. He stood out in the youth leagues and was a key player in leading Aris to the finals of the Thessaloniki Regional Championship. Despite an injury, he played a crucial role in the finals against DEKA, showcasing his resilience and dedication. In a notable game against PAOK U18, Petalotis was the top scorer for Aris, contributing significantly with 31 points, leading his team to a 65-81 victory.


Adidas Next Generation Tournament Stats

In the Adidas Next Generation Tournament, Petalotis displayed his skills in several games. Here are his key stats from the tournament:

    Game 1 (vs ASVEL, March 23, 2024):
        Score: 61-78 (Loss)
        Points: 3
        Rebounds: 3
        Assists: 0
        Minutes: 10
        Field Goals: 1-3 (33.3%)
        3-Point FG: 1-1
        Offensive Rebounds: 0
        Defensive Rebounds: 3
        Turnovers: 1
        Efficiency: 3

    Game 2 (vs ratiopharm Ulm, March 22, 2024):
        Score: 67-83 (Loss)
        Points: 2
        Rebounds: 1
        Assists: 0
        Minutes: 15
        Field Goals: 1-4 (25.0%)
        3-Point FG: 0-3
        Offensive Rebounds: 0
        Defensive Rebounds: 1
        Turnovers: 1
        Efficiency: -1

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