Friday, September 6, 2013

Banvit wins Apollon Patras in friendly game

Banvit Basketbol Kulübü defeated Apollon Patras with 70-92. It was the first friendly game that Apollon gave in Patras for this season with about 600 people attendance. Apollon Patras starting five were Argyropoulos, Bolds, Molfetas, Trepalovac, Danniel. First quarter ended with Banvit leading the score by 22-31, halftime found Banvit leading with 35-52, third quarter with 54-67 and final score was 70-92. Sammy Mejia had a good game and E.J. Rowling an amazing halftime buzzer beater. For Apollon Trepalovac and Nelson were good in their first game with their new team.
Apollon Patras: Argyropoulos 3, Nelson 6, Wilson 16(4), Lianos 2, Petrovic 3(1), Pelekoudas 2, Daniel 10, Trepalovac 10, Bolds 18(1).
Banvit: Rowland 13(2), Gordon 2, Edge 6, Mejia 23, Vrabac 6, Cantekin 5, Özer 8, Prepelič 13, Veyseloğlu 6, Kurtoğlu 6.

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