Monday, November 18, 2013

Aris defeated Apollon Patras

Apollon Patras hosted Aris BC in its home where the team from Patras had only victories. Aris had a good first quarter and took the lead by 6, 18-24. With Bochoridis and Athinaiou Aris broadened its difference in the first half which finished with 33-42. Third quarter it was the time for Alexander Vezenkov to score and keep his team ahead. In the last quarter Paul Hill Jr and Demarius Bolds tried and lowered the difference to two points but Aris Asimakopoulos scored in the last minutes and since both Athinaiou and Bolds missed the last shots, Aris won by two points, 76-78. This was the first defeat for Apollon Patras in a home game. Apollon Patras had 21/29 free throws but only 17/42 two pointers. Aris made 25 turnovers but managed to win the game. Paul Hill Junior was the best scorer of Apollon Patras, who usually was Demarius Bolds.
Quarters' scores: 18-24, 33-42, 53-64, 76-78.

Apollon Patras: Hill 23, Argyropoulos 6, Kaperonis, Taylor 2, Daniel 17, Lianos 5, Petrovic 7, Pelekoudas, Molfetas, Zafeiris 2, Trepalovac 2, Bolds 14. 
Aris BC: Bochoridis 12, Hunt, Pelekanos 3, Gikas 6, Asimakopoulos 9, Poulianitis, Charisis 12, Laretzakis, Vezenkov 23, Sarikopoulos, Mourtos, Athinaiou 13.

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