Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PAOK defeated Alba Fehervar for Eurocup

 PAOK Thessaloniki hosted and defeated Alba Fehervar for Eurocup. PAOK defeated Alba Fehervar by one point in Hungary. First quarter was almost equal like the game in Hungary. PAOK finished the first half with 11 points difference but in the third quarter Alba Fehervar lowered it to 7 points. The fourth quarter was another tough last quarter for PAOK, with the Hungarian team approaching to 3 points one minute before the end, 65-62, and to two points 66-64 in the last seconds. PAOK took another last minute victory in a game that was controlling. DJ Cooper and Kostas Charalampidis were successful in free throws. PAOK seems tired from consecutive games and long trips but manages to win the games even by couple points in the end.
Quarters' scores: 17-16, 40-29, 52-45, 68-64.
PAOK: Payne 10, Cooper 9, Charalampidis 6, Tsochlas 6, Vučićević, Tsairelis 11, Dedas 3, Margaritis 9, Kalles, Bogris 14, Kaselakis, Koniaris.
Alba Fehervar: Kemp 8, Szanati 2, Hobbs 16, Olah, Juhos 3, Moore 10, Toth P. 2, Somogyi 4, Toth N. 10, Supola 7, Blaskovits 2, Brbaklić. 

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