Monday, December 23, 2013

Panathinaikos defeated Olympiacos for Greek cup semi-finals

Panathinaikos hosted and defeated Olympiacos for Greek cup semi-finals. Both team had injured players missing the game. Panathinaikos was the home team and and the cup winner, while Olympiacos had a 27-0 victory run in this season. Panathinaikos started the game with score from the paint while Olympiacos was better at three pointers. Stratos Perperoglou finished the first quarter with two committed fouls, a crucial player for the game. Nikos Pappas was playing after his injury and scored 5 points in the first quarter, giving help to Diamantidis in controlling the ball. In the second quarter Olympiacos scored two three pointers and ran a partial score 1-11, taking the lead with 21-24. Ramel Curry scored the first three pointer for Panathinaikos on 18th minute, making the score 31-29. Panathinaikos had the rebounds and two pointers in the first half, while Olympiacos had the assists and the three pointers. In the last 30 seconds of the first half Olympiacos scored 5 points and the first half finished with scored 35-34. Second half started nervously with the two teams not scoring in the first 3 minutes. Then Dimitris Diamantidis scored his first three pointer. Stratos Perperoglou scored the first points for Olympiacos in the second half after almost 6 minutes. At the end of third quarter there were three players with 3 committed fouls, Cedric Simmons, Stratos Perperoglou and Jonas Mačiulis. Each team scored only 10 points in the third quarter and the last quarter started with almost equal score. In the fourth quarter the teams were not that nervous and the scoring lead was changing sides minute by minute. Bryant Dunston was injured 4 minutes before the end but the injury wasn't serious. Panathinaikos scored 5 points in a row and 4 minutes before the end created a difference of 6 points, 59-53. Panathinaikos with Jonas Mačiulis and Mike Bramos kept Panathinaikos in the lead and gave their team a great victory. This was the first defeat for Olympiacos in this season, after a 27-0 victories run. For Olympiacos only Sloukas scored more than 10 points, while for Panathinaikos Bramos scored 12 points, Mačiulis 11 points and Diamantidis 10 points. Panathinaikos qualified for the Greek Cup final where it will defend it's crown. Panathinaikos will play against Aris in the Greek Cup final that will take place in Heraklion, Crete.
Quarters' scores: 20-16, 35-34, 45-44, 67-59
Panathinaikos: Giankovits, Mačiulis 11, Bramos 12, Curry 9, Batiste 5, Fotsis 2, Lasme 9, Mavrokefalidis, Diamantidis 10, Gist 3, Pappas 6.
Olympiacos: Petway 3, Law 5, Dunston 8, Spanoulis 8, Perperoglou 8, Mantzaris 6, Sloukas 13, Simmons 3, Lojeski, Begic, Printezis 5.

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