Saturday, January 4, 2014

Aries Trikala defeated Aris for Greek League twelfth day

Aries Trikala hosted and defeated Aris for Greek League twelfth day. First quarter was great for the hosting team that scored 27 points and managed to keep the difference until the half time. In the 35th minute Sarikopoulos gave Aris the lead for the first time with one point, 40-41. Third quarter finished with equal score 50-50 but in the beginning of the fourth quarter Aries Trikala made a 10-3 run and regained a small difference. Aris lowered the difference with Sarikopoulos, Athinaiou and Vezenkov. In the last minute the scored was 66-60. Then Aris scored a three pointer with Pelekanos, two points with Sarikopoulos and another three pointer with Sarikopoulos, taking the lead by 66-68. Aries Trikala didn't score, Sarikopoulos missed two free shots but home team didn't score again and Athinaiou made the score 66-69. Jeremy Granger scored a three pointer in the last second and the game finished equal in normal time. Aris collected more rebounds than Aries Trikala in the normal time (28-42) but the hosting team had an almost perfect game with only 6 turnovers! In the extra time Jeremy Granger and Patrick Ewing Junior scored 6 points in a row before Athinaiou and Sarikopoulos counter attack with their 5 points in a row. Great game in the extra time too. The game ended with a dunk from Patrick Ewing Junior and Aries Trikala winning after a quality game. Patrick Ewing Junior scored 20 points and collected 8 rebounds. Jeremy Granger scored 21 points and collected 5 rebounds. For Aris, Sarikopoulos Zisis with 13 points and 9 rebounds, Athinaiou Giannis with 21 points and 7 assists and Pelekanos Michalis 18 points and 8 rebounds were the top players.
Quarters' scores: 27-17, 38-31, 50-50, 69-69. Extra-time: 82-76.

Aries Trikala: Evans 9, Perunicic, Ewing 20, Giannakidis 5, Petrovic 9, Granger 21, Deligiannis 8, Matalon 5, Fountas, Nikolopoulos, Georgakis 2, Mutakabbir 3.
Aris: Bochoridis 7, Hunt, Pelekanos 18, Tsakaleris, Asimakopoulos 2, Poulianitis, Charisis 6, Laretzakis, Vezenkov 7, Sarikopoulos 13, Mourtos 2, Athinaiou 21.

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