Friday, February 28, 2014

Armani Milan beat Panathinaikos for Euroleague Top 16

EA7 Emporio Armani Milan beat Panathinaikos Athens for Euroleague Top 16. Panathinaikos had a bad first half and a very bad second quarter that let Armani Milan finish the first half with 15 points lead in score. With a counter attack mainly in the fourth quarter Panathinaikos lowered the difference but couldn't win the game. Panathinaikos lost and left behind in group standings, only benefit from the game is that Panathinaikos has the points advantage. Zack Wright in his debut with Panathinaikos in Euroleague had 17 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. James Gist with 21 points and 9 rebounds was the top player of Panathinaikos.
Quarters' scores: 19-13, 41-26, 59-49, 77-75.

Armani Milan: Gentile 8, Cerella 8, Melli 3, Hackett 5, Kangur, Langford 18, Samuels 16, Toure, Wallace, Lawal 2, Moss 7, Jerrells 10.
Panathinaikos Athens: Bramos 7, Batiste, Fotsis 10, Ukic 2, Lasme 5, Mavrokefalidis, Diamantidis 6, Gist 21, Pappas 2, Giankovits, Maciulis 5, Wright 17.

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