Saturday, December 6, 2014

Panelefsiniakos beat KAOD for Basket League ninth day

Panelefsiniakos hosted and beat KAOD for Basket League ninth day. After a balanced first quarter the home team finished the first half with a small lead of five points. Giannis Athanasoulas and Elijah Johnson from Panelefsiniakos and Rod Odom from KAOD finished first half with two digits score. KAOD had 2/10 three pointers in first half, with Rod Odom having 2/2. KAOD could not counter attack in the second half and Panelefsiniakos celebrated a victory after three games. For the winners Elijah Johnson had 17 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Giannis Athanasoulas had 15 points and Frank Robinson had 9 points. Nikola Markovic made a double double with 16 points and 11 rebounds. For KAOD Eric Atkins and Rod Odom had 12 points each, Rob Loe had 8 rebounds and Thodoros Zaras had 4 assists. KAOD had only 3/12 three pointers, 2/2 for Rod Odom and 1/3 for Obie Trotter. Manolis Papamakarios in his debut with KAOD played 18 minutes did not score having 0/4 three pointers, but served 3 assists.
Quarters' scores: 20-19, 45-39, 67-57, 83-69

Panelefsiniakos (Koutesnis): Cox 1, Robinson 9 (1), Tsakaleris 2, Vasilopoulos 4, Athanasoulas 15 (1), Markovic 16 (1), Dorkofikis 14 (2), Ioannou 2, Johnson 17 (2), Kalles 3, Avramidis.
KAOD (Mexas): Slaftsakis 4, Trotter 9(1), Johnson 8, Georgakis 6, Atkins 12, Odom 12(2), Spyridonidis, Michel, Zaras 10, Loe 8, Papamakarios.

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