Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kolossos Rodou beat Aries Trikala for Basket League ninth day

Kolossos Rodou hosted and beat Aries Trikala for Basket League ninth day. In the first game without the first scorer of the League Mike James, Kolossos Rodou faced problems but won Aries Trikala. Ernest Scott proved from his debut that can help Kolossos replace James. Kolossos Rodou was leading the score without problems until Trikala's coach Flevarakis turned the defence to zone. Jamele Hagins solved the problem with six consecutive points and Kolossos Rodou won by 8 points difference. For the winners Jamele Hagins had 20 points and 9 rebounds, Angelos Tsamis had 8 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, Giannoulis Larentzakis had 11 points. Ernest Scott in his debut had 12 points with 3/12 three pointers, 4 rebounds and 3 blocks. For Aries Trikala Nate Bowie had 22 points, Justin Ingram had 17 points and 7 assists, Adnan Hodžić had 8 points and 6 rebounds.
Quarters' scores: 23-13, 41-31, 50-46, 77-69

Kolossos Rodou: Toliopoulos 4, Larentzakis 11(1), Smith 6, Stefanidis 7(1), Linden 3(1), Scott 12(3), Tsamis 8, Hagins 20, Buljan 6(2)
Aries Trikala: Ingram 17(1), Nikolopoulos, Tracey 2, Bowie 22(4), Cupkovic 8(2), Panos, Spanos, Matalon 5, Kadji 7(1), Hodzic 8.

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