Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rethymno signed Hoerdur Vihjalmsson

Rethymno Cretan Kings signed Hoerdur Vihjalmsson (Hörður Vilhjálmsson). The 27 years old guard became the first player from Iceland to play in Basket League Greece when he was signed by Trikala a year ago. Vihjalmsson played six games with Trikala, before moving to Czech Republic for Nymbourg, but he returned back to Trikala in February. In 16 games with Trikala he averaged 4.63 points, 2.88 rebounds and 3.88 assists in 28 minutes per game. 

*Vihjalmsson left Rethymno without playing a game after Tony Konstantinides became the head coach of the club

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