Sunday, November 10, 2013

KAOD defeated Ilisiakos Greek League fifth day

KAOD hosted and defeated Ilisiakos for the fifth day of the Greek Basketball League. KAOD started the game better than Ilisiakos and was leading the score for three quarters. Ilisiakos was approaching and lowering the distance and managed to equalize and took the lead in the fourth quarter. KAOD was calm in the last two minutes and with Edin Bavčić scoring took the victory in the end. DJ Stephens had a great game but missed the last three pointer. Julian Vaughn (11 points, 10 rebounds) for KAOD and DJ Stephens (16 points, 11 rebounds) for Ilisiakos finished the game with a double double.
Quarters' scores: 22-16, 42-34, 60-55, 76-73

KAOD: Slaftsakis 2, Covic 3, Jones 10, Brown 19, Vaughn 11, Marković, Spyridonidis, Bavčić 16, Zaras 13, Benas 2, Kolovis.
Ilisiakos: Kafkis 8, Antonakis 5, Smith 14, Chatzis 5, Zoumpos, Dorkofikis 3, Stephens 16, Vavatsikos, Ioannou 5, Tzougarakis 2, Mbodj 11, Anderson 4.

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