Monday, December 16, 2013

Kolossos Rodou lost by Panathinaikos for Greek League tenth day

Kolossos Rodou hosted Panathinaikos for Greek League tenth day. In the first quarter Panathinaikos had 4/9 three pointers and Kolossos 6/8 free throws. Kolossos had 6 turnovers and 6 fouls in the first ten minutes. Kolosos Rodou was better in the second quarter with Bambale Osby leading the game. Taylor Smith gave the lead to Kolossos but James Gist with a three pointer and a dunk finished the first half with Panathinaikos ahead in score. James Gist had 2/2 and Mike Bramos 3/3 three pointers in the first half. Third quarter was the quarter of Ramel Curry and Stephane Lasme against Bambale Osby. For Kolossos Rodou Nestoras Kommatos and Bambale Osby had a good game, each player scored 14 points and collected 5 rebounds. For Panathinaikos James Gist finished the game with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.
Quarters' scores: 14-20, 34-38, 43-58, 58-73.

Kolossos Rodou: Papantoniou 7, Rum, Matsamas, Georgalis 5, Kommatos 14, Smith 7, Stefanidis 8, Simpson 3, Osby 14, Kapelan, Danas.
Panathinaikos: Charalampopoulos, Bramos 9, Curry 14, Batiste, Fotsis 8, Ukić 13, Lasme 6, Mavrokefalidis 4, Diamantidis , Gist 12, Jankovits 6, Apostolidis.

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