Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kolossos Rodou lost by Apollon Patras for Greek League 16th day

Kolossos Rodou hosted and lost byApollon Patras for Greek Basket League 16th day. Kolossos Rodou started better and was leading the score in the whole first quarter. Apollon Patras was massive in the second quarter, with partial score 18-34. With consecutive three pointers by Petrovic, Wilson and Bolds took the lead and was creating a difference. First half finished with 1/9 three pointers for Kolossos Rodou and 7/13 for Apollon Patras. Taylor Smith had 5 rebounds and 14 points with 6/6 shots and 2/2 free throws in the first half. Apollon Patras had three players with two digits score in the first half, Roland Ross, Jeremiah Wilson and Demarius Bolds. Third quarter was a balanced one and the difference of 13 points remained for the fourth quarter. In the last quarter Kolossos Rodou counter attacked and with partial score 29-18 tried to steal the victory but lost in the end. One minute before the end the score was 82-75 for Kolossos Rodou but Apollon Patras with a 9-0 run with 6 points from  Andreja Milutinović and a three pointer for Jeremiah Wilson took a great victory. Christoforos Stefanidis missed the last three pointer shot and his team lost a game that was behind in score for more than 30 minutes but was ahead by 7 points in the last minute. Double double for Taylor Smith with 23 points, 10/11 shots, 3/5 free throws, and 12 rebounds. 24 points for Angelos Tsamis whose origin is Patras. 22 points for Demarius Bolds, 18 for Jeremiah Wilson and 15 for Andreja Milutinović, 6 of those in the last minute.
Quarters' scores: 22-19, 40-53, 53-66, 82-84.

Kolossos Rodou: Papantoniou, Car, Matsamas, Georgalis 7, Kommatos, Smith 23, Stefanidis 8, Simpson 11, Tsamis 24, Osby 6, Danas, Nadjfeji 3.
Apollon Patras: Ross 14, Argyropoulos 2, Kaperonis, Daniel 2, Wilson 18, Lianos 4, Oikonomopoulos, Petrovic 6, Pelekoudas 1, Molfetas, Milutinović 15, Bolds 22.

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