Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PAOK beat Pınar Karşıyaka for Eurocup

Pınar Karşıyaka hosted and lost by PAOK for Eurocup 2014-2015 day one. Jake Odum was the key player of the first quarter with one unsportsmanlike foul and five consecutive points. In the second quarter PAOK scored only 7 points and Karşıyaka took the lead in score. The home team managed to keep the difference in the third quarter and in the fourth PAOK started to attack only with three pointers which let Karşıyaka expand the difference to nine points, 60-51. PAOK counter attacked in the end and tried to steal the game. Kostas Charalampidis with two free throws and Julian Vaughn with a steal and lay up made the score 65-64 with only 15 seconds remaining. Bobby Dixon missed two free throws but took the rebound and Jake Odum made his fifth foul. Dixon scored only one out of two free throws, Marc Carter took the rebound and with two free throws equalized the score, 66-66. Pınar Karşıyaka got a time out with 2.9 second remaining. Dixon could not score and the game went to extra time. Juan Palacios and Bobby Dixon had 21 points each at the normal time. For PAOK Jake Odum had 22 points but could not play in the extra time due to five commited fouls. In the extra time Kevin Langford missed two free throws and Kostas Charalampidis a three pointer which gave the home team the lead in score. One minute before the end of extra time PAOK with Marc Carter took the lead in score with 71-73. Hersek Baris equalized the score, 73-73 with 18 seconds left for PAOK. Langford didn't score and the game went to second extra time! In the second extra time Julian Vaughn, Kostas Charalampidis and Keving Langford led PAOK to a great and tough victory.
Quarters' scores: 18-19, 30-26, 49-44, 66-66. ET1: 73-73 ET2: 81-87

Pınar Karşıyaka: Demir, Palacios 29, Hersek 2, Strawberry 9, Guven, Koc, Dixon 25, Sonsirma, Gabriel 6, Altay 2, Diebler 8, Senturk.
PAOK: Langford 9, Liapis, Charalampidis 19, Carter 14, Kakaroudis 2, Tsochlas 2, Dedas, Margaritis 10, Kottas, Odum 22, Vaughn 6, Saloustros 3.

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