Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aris defeats PAOK for Greek Cup quarterfinals

Leonidas Kaselakis scored the first official points of PAOK BC for this season but his team lost by Aris for the Greek Cup quarterfinals with 63-71. Starting five for PAOK were DJ Cooper, Payne, Kaselakis, Tsairelis and Bogris. Starting five for Aris were Bochoridis, Athinaiou, Pelekanos, Vezenkov and Charisis. PAOK was ahead in score with 2-3 points until 17th minute when Bochoridis scored a three points shot and made the score 25-26. The halftime finished with Aris leading the score by just two points 32-34. DJ Cooper and Mark Payne were the only players who played quality basketball in the first half. In the third quarter PAOK started a small counter attack with Bogris that made the score 43-40 but Aris replied with a 6-0 rally and finished the third quarter with score 47-50. Fourth quarter didn't change much with both teams failing to score for 2.5 minutes. Aris started the season with winning and eliminating PAOK from Greek cup, great victory. Aris won PAOK for the Greek Cup after 1990's final. For Aris all ten players who played scored and for PAOK Margaritis tried but his 23 points were not enough. Quarters' scores: 16-15, 32-34, 47-50,63-71.
PAOK: Payne 5, DJ Cooper 7, Kaselakis 5 (1), Tsairelis 11 (1), Bogris 7, Margaritis 23, Tsochlas 2, Charalampidis 3 (1), Dedas, Vucicevic, Liapis.
Aris: Bochoridis 15 (1), Pelekanos 16 (2), Athinaiou 17, Vezenkov 2, Charisis 4, Gikas 2, Tsakaleris 5, Asimakopoulos 5 (1), Mourtos 3, Poulianitis 2.

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