Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Panathinaikos wins Rethymno Aegean for Greek cup quarterfinals

 Panathinaikos had won Rethymno Aegean a week ago for Petros Oikonomakis friendly tournament, and doubled his victories against AGOR in the first official game for the season. Panathinaikos eliminated Rethymno Aegean by winning it with 83-52 and qualified to the semi-finals of the Greek Cup.
Panathinaikos starting five were Pappas, Diamantidis, Mačiulis, Gist and Lasme. Rethymno Aegean started with a 4-0 score but then Panathinaikos' captain Diamantidis led the team to 8-22 before being replaced by Vladimir Giankovits. Then Rethymno managed to close the difference in first quarter at 13-24. Second quarter started with Panathinaikos ruling the court which led to double score 15-30 but finished with Rethymno Aegean counter attacking and score 32-40. In the third quarter it was Curry's time to score and keep the score in distance which at the end was 41-64. Fourth quarter was not different and the final score 52-83 was result of a dunk from Vladimir Giaknovits. Quarters' scores were 13-24, 32-40, 41-64, 52-83.

Rethymno Aegean: Hurtt 18(3), Kallinikidis 3(1), Koumpouras, Aggelopoulos 4(1), Pruitt 8, Arbet, Kalampokis 2, Kanonidis, Sinis, Gabriel 17(1), Latovic, Kwame
Panathinaikos: Giankovits 4, Maciulis 8(2), Bramos 9(1), Curry 7(1), Batiste 4, Fotsis 6, Skordilis,
Lasme 8, Diamandidis 13(3), Gist 13, Pappas 11(1)

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