Saturday, October 19, 2013

Panionios wins Aries Trikala for the second day of Greek Basketball League

Panionios hosted and defeated Aries Trikala for the second day of Greek Basketball League.
First two points for Nestoras Kommatos and Aries Trikala but then Panionios ran an 8-0 score and took the lead in score. First quarter finished without any team scoring a three pointer, 0/4 for Panionios and 0/4 for Aries Trikala. Since the defenses were tight both teams mainly scored with free throws, 7 for Panionios and 8 for Aries Trikala. First quarter finished with Panionios ahead by 5 points since it had better accuracy in shots than Aries Trikala who had 20% in two pointers and 0% in three pointers. Second half started with four points from Ewing Jr for Trikala and the first three pointer for Panionios from Carter. Patrick Ewing Junior who entered in the second quarter started with  4/4 two pointers and was the main reason Trikala followed the score, but also made 3 fouls and went back to bench. Without Ewing Trikala felt back in score since Errick McCollum scored and served assists. Panionios had scored 15 points from free throws while Trikala finished first half without three pointers after five attempts. Chris Evans scored the first three pointers for Trikala and Nestoras Kommatos the second, marking a counter attack for Trikala in the second half. In 36' Aries Trikala took the lead in score for the first time after 0-2 with 38-40. Duvnjak with a three pointer made the score 43-42 that gave the lead again to Panionios. Ewing was fouled out on 35' and then Trikala bench was charged with technical foul. Three free throws made the score 58-51 and Panionios took a great advantage. Trikala tried in the end but Batis blocked Mutakabbir in the crucial attack. Evans finished the game with 17 and 7 rebounds, Kommatos with 12 points and Ewing Jr with 10 points before being fouled out. Panionios scored 34 points with free throws which was the statistical highlight of the match. Errick McCollum was the leader of Panionios for another game with Milbourne following with 15 points. Panionios doubled its victories and Aries Trikala its loses.
Quarters' scores: 15-10, 34-28, 47-44, 69-62

Panionios: McCollum 17, Stamatis, Duvnjak 7, Carter 3, Milbourne 15, Athanasoulas 4, Batis 6, Kavvadas 3, Langford 7, Michel 2, Simtsak 3, Saloustros 2.
Aries Trikala: Evans 17, Perunicic, Ewing 10, Giannakidis 5, Kommatos 12, Granger 2, Deligiannis 6, Matalon, Fountas, Georgakis, Mutakabbir 8, Petrovic 2.

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