Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kolossos Rodou loses from Rethymno Aegean

Kolossos Rodou hosted and was defeated by Rethymno Aegean for the second day of the Greek Basketball League. Rethymno started the game with a 0-7 ran but the first quarter finished balanced 18-18. Rethymno high accuracy in three pointers and dunks dominated second quarter where the partial score was 9-21. Rethymno started the game better than Kolossos and finished the first half with a burst that gave it the lead by 12 points. Hurtt and Kalampokis had a good first half while Kolossos Rodou had a more team game with 7 players scoring. Rethymno's 19 rebounds and 5 three pointers made the difference in first half. Hurtt (5/5 three pointers!) and Pruitt continued scoring at third quarter and the difference reached 21 points, 32-53. Taylor Smith finished the third quarter with a three pointer and reduced the difference to 11 points, 48-59. Fourth quarter started with Papantoniou and Osby lowering the difference down to 6 points but Hurtt was unstoppable! Hurtt scored his sixth three pointer (6/6!) and the difference was back to 11 points. In a game where Rethymno Aegean scored 11 three pointers and collected 29 rebounds Kolossos Rodou didn't have big chances. Kenny Gabriel made another double double with 10 points and 10 rebounds, two double doubles in two games!
Quarters' scores: 18-18, 27-39, 48-59, 66-76

Kolossos Rodou: Papantoniou 10, Rum, Matsamas, Georgalis 6, Smith 14, Stefanidis 10, Simpson 2, Koukoulas 6, Tsamis 5, Prewitt, Osby 13, Danas.
Rethymno Aegean: Hurtt 25, Kallinikidis 2, Koumpouras 6, Aggelopoulos 10, Pruitt 8, Kalampokis 12, Kanonidis, Sinnis, Latovic, Kwame, Arbet 3, Gabriel 10.

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