Saturday, October 19, 2013

PAOK defeats Aris for the Basketball League Greece

Aris and PAOK have played earlier in this season for the Greek Cup, where Aris eliminated PAOK. For the Basketball League second day Aris hosted PAOK who played without Mark Payne. Starting five for Aris were Bochoridis, Athinaiou, Pelekanos, Vezenkov and Charisis. Starting five for PAOK DJ Cooper, Charalampidis, Kaselakis, Tsairelis and Bogris. Charalampidis scored the first points of the game and Bochoridis replied with two points for Aris. Bogris was charged with offensive foul and then with a technical foul, which was an early foul problem for PAOK First quarter finished with score 20-17 for Aris. On 26' Pelekanos scored five points in a row, became the first player to reach 10 points with perfect stats and kept the difference for Aris in 5 points. Four points from Bochoridis made the score in the half time 38-28. Eight points difference for Aris who managed to keep Charalampidis to 7 points and DJ Cooper to 1 assist in the first half. Aris had 5/5 fastbreaks in the first half and 4 steals. Aris added four points to its difference in every quarter. In the second half PAOK started with a 11-0 and took the lead in the score. Giorgos Bogris was unstoppable in the third quarter scoring 12 points and making 2 blocks. Athinaiou with two three pointers gave the lead to Aris and DJ Cooper with one three pointer back to PAOK. Last quarter was more balanced with Aris trying to reach the score and PAOK escaping with either Bogris or Cooper. In the last two minutes both team were missing all shots, before Aris makes a 5-0 rally, taking the lead by three points 45 seconds before the end. DJ Cooper scored another three pointer in the last minutes and led the game to extra time, since Asimakopoulos missed the last shot. Another crucial three pointer by DJ Cooper for PAOK. Athinaiou started the extra time with a three pointer and Charalampidis replied. After two minutes Tsairelis scored two free throws and Bogris with a shot gave PAOK four points lead. Athinaiou scored for Aris, Tsairelis was accurate in free throws and PAOK defeated Aris by 4, 75-79. Bogris didn't make another double double but scored 21 points and got 8 rebounds. Tsairelis almost did it with 13 points and 9 rebounds. DJ Cooper served just 3 assists but scored 15 points and the crucial three pointer. Pelekanos and Athinaiou ware once more Aris' leader with 19 and 17 points.
Quarters' scores: 20-17, 38-30, 51-54, 68-68
Extra time: 75-79

Aris: Bochoridis 9, Pelekanos 19, Gikas 8, Tsakaleris, Asimakopoulos 6, Poulianitis, Charisis 6, Laretzakis, Vezenkov 4, Mourtos 6, Athinaiou 17, Mitoglou
PAOK: Cooper 15, Charalampidis 15, Tsochlas 4, Vučićević, Tsairelis 13, Dedas, Margaritis 3, Kalles 4, Bogris 21, Kaselakis 4, Liapis, Koniaris

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