Saturday, November 9, 2013

Apollon Patras defeated Rethymno Aegean Greek Basketball League fifth day

Apollon Patras hosted and defeated Rethymno Aegean for Greek Basketball League fifth day. The two teams have played two league games before and Rethymno Aegean had won both of them. Apollon Patras hosted and defeated Rethymno Aegean for the Patras cup friendly tournament. Demarius Bolds, first scorer till now in the league, started the game for Apollon Patras with a 10-2 run. Fanis Koumpouras and his teammates replied and Rethymno Aegean finished first quarter ahead by 8, 16-24. Apollon Patras was terrible at three pointers with 1/16 in first quarter, Petrović had 0/4. Gabe Pruitt and Justin Hurtt were scoring and Kenny Gabriel collecting the rebounds for Rethymno Aegean, as usual. Apollon Patras had a solid third quarter and managed to equalize and get the lead by one, but the quarter ended with 54-55. In the last quarter Lianos and Petrovic scored and their team got 8 points difference 3 minutes before the end, 72-64. One minute before the end Demarius Bolds broadened the difference to 11 points, 76-65. Apollon Patras made only 7 turnovers in the whole game which balanced the 5/27 three pointers. Rethymno Aegean was ahead for 30 minutes but couldn't handle Apollon's counter attack in the last five minutes. Bolds, Argyropoulos and Petrovic scored 54 points in total. Kenny Gabriel missed another double double with 10 points and 9 rebounds. Gabe Pruitt had 23 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 10 fouls drawn. This was the first time Apollon Patras wins Rethymno Aegean for the league.

Quarters' scores: 16-24, 35-42, 54-55, 82-73.

Apollon Patras: Hill 5, Argyropoulos 17, Kaperonis, Taylor 12, Daniel 4, Lianos 5, Petrovic 16, Pelekoudas, Molfetas, Zafeiris, Trepalovac 2, Bolds 21.
Rethymno Aegean: Hurtt 10, Kallinikidis, Koumpouras 10, Aggelopoulos 4, Pruitt 23, Kalampokis 4, Kanonidis, Sinis, Latovic, Alexander 7, Arbet 5, Gabriel 10.

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