Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kolossos Rodou defeated Aries Trikala

Kolossos Rodou defeated Aries Trikala for Greek Basketball League sixth day. Nestoras Kommatos debuted for Kolossos Rodou after he was dismissed from Aries Trikala. Kolossos Rodou smashed Trikala in the first quarter, taking a lead of 18 points. Aries Trikala managed to balance the game in the second and third quarter, but the difference remained above 10 points. Four minutes before the end Aries Trikala managed to equalize the game, 67-67, with a goal-foul from Granger. In the next attack Chris Evans scored a three pointer and his team was ahead by 3 points for the first time, 67-70. Christoforos Stefanidis scored for Kolossos Rodou and his team won the game by four points, 76-72. Kolossos Rodou made its first victory in the league.
Quarters' scores: 30-12, 52-37, 63-53, 76-72.
Kolossos Rodou: Papantoniou 10, Rum, Matsamas, Georgalis 7, Kommatos 10, Smith 6, Stefanidis 9, Simpson 2, Koukoulas, Tsamis 17, Prewwitt 1, Osby 14.
Aries Trikala: Evans 14, Perunicic 3, Ewing 14, Giannakidis 3, Petrovic 8, Lekakis, Granger 17, Deligiannisis 6, Matalon 4, Fountas, Nikolopoulos, Mutakabbir 3.

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