Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apollon Patras beat Panionios for Greek Cup

Apollon Patras beat Panionios for Greek Cup. Panionios played with young players and even the team lost the game by 18 points the fans cheered the players for their effort. With the 22 years old Spyros Motsenigos being the most experienced player of Panionios the team managed to lead the score in the first half by 30-29 but in the second half the team of Patras got the expected victory.
Quarters' scores: 19-20, 30-29, 62-49, 63-81

Panionios (Degaitas): Georgiadis, Moraitis 3, Stamatis 14, Motsenigos 22, Biris, Melissourgos 2, Billis 2, Karampelas, Doukas, Spyropoulos 8, Petropoulos 12.
Apollon Patras (Vetoulas): Mastrogiannopoulos, Argyropoulos 6, Galloway 15, Skordilis 13, Penn 11, Fitzpatrick 3, Antonakis, Batis 4, El-Amin 29, Pelekoudas, Molfetas, Niforas.

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