Sunday, December 7, 2014

Olympiacos beat Korivos Amaliadas for Basket League ninth day

Olympiacos hosted and beat Korivos Amaliadas for Basket League ninth day. This was the first game of Korivos Amalidas against Olympiacos and the visitors troubled the home team for the whole game. The six points lead of the first quarter became three points in the half time and have been eliminated by the third quarter. In the 34th minute the score was 64-64 and Korivos was still in the game but have already made 5 team fouls while Olympiacos had only two. Then Aggelopoulos was charged with a unsportsman-like foul and Olympiacos made a 6-0 run and created a safe difference. With six consecutive points by Vasilis Spanoulis Olympiacos was leading the score by 8 points, with only 3 minutes remaining. Korivos tried to steal the victory and with a three pointers by Aggelopoulos and two free throws by Magette made the score 74-71 with two minutes remaining. Vangelis Mantzaris scored, Vasiljevic missed a three pointer, Petway missed two shots and Spanoulis one and Rubio made the score 76-73. 34 seconds before the end Lafayette missed a three pointer but Petway collected the offensive rebound and Davis committed a foul. Vasilis Spanoulis missed two free throws but Vangelis Mantzaris with a three pointer made the score 79-73, which was the final score since both Vasiljevic and Davis failed to score. Victory for Olympiacos but a tough one against the very competitive Korivos Amaliadas. For Olympiacos Spanoulis had 21 points and 6 assists, Brent Petway had 9 points and 12 rebounds, Vangelis Mantzaris had 9 points and 7 assists. For Korivos Amaliadas Dwayne Davis had 22 points, Nikos Angelopolos and Guille Rubio had 10 points each, Josh Magette had 8 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, Giorgos Galiotos had 2 points and 10 rebounds. In a great game Olympiacos finished the game with 7 team turnovers while Korivos Amaliadas with 8 team turnovers.
Quarters' scores: 27-21, 43-40, 57-57, 79-73.

Olympiacos (Sfairopoulos): Petway 9, Hunter 6, Dunston 6, Spanoulis 21, Darden 7, Sloukas 11, Lafayette 8, Mouratos, Christodoulou 2, Agravanis, Mantzaris 9, Kavvadas.
Korivos Amaliadas: (H. Markopoulos): Magette 8, Giannakidis 6, Aggelopoulos 10, Papapetrou, Davis 22, Vasiljevic 6, Kanonidis 9, Filippakos, Rubio 10, Fournodavlos, Galiotos 2, Batis.

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