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Greek Basket League first round statistics

Greek Basket League first round statistics
(For the MVPs and the double doubles of the first round games click here for the full list)

DJ Cooper had the highest ranking performance in the first round. The American lead assists and steals, a valuable player for PAOK. Patrick Ewing Junior comes second in ranking with his games becoming better and better in every game. Errick McCollum is the top scorer of the league and places third in ranking.
1. DJ Cooper (PAOK) 239
2. Patrick Ewing Junior (Aries Trikala) 228
3. Errick McCollum (Panionios) 210
4. Giorgos Bogris (PAOK) 200
5. Demarius Bolds (Apollon Patras) 199

Top five scorers in the first round were all foreign players. No Greek player made it to the top 5, nor a player of Panathinaikos, Olympiacos or PAOK.
Points scored
1. Errick McCollum (Panionios) 227
2. Demarius Bolds (Apollon Patras) 217
3. Tony Crocker (Nea Kifisia) 206
4. Justin Hurtt (Rehtmyno Aegean) 194
5. Ivan Aska (Ikaros Chalkidas) 185

DJ Cooper was famous for his assists before signing to PAOK and he proved that in the Greek League too. DJ Cooper is the leading in assists in Greeek League, followed by four Greek players, Diamantidis, Spanoulis, the veteran Gagaloudis and Thomas Nikou of Panelefsiniakos.
1. DJ Cooper (PAOK) 79
2. Dimitris Diamantidis (Panathinaikos) 72
3. Vasilis Spanoulis (Olympiacos) 64
4. Gagaloudis Giannis (Ikaros Chalkidas) 63
5. Thomas Nikou (Panelefsiniakos) 50

Foreign players dominate rebounds too. Kenny Gabriel has made 5 double doubles and Patrick Ewing Junior has made 3 double doubles in the first round. For Greeks Giorgos Bogris of PAOK has collected 90 rebounds in first round.
1. Kenny Gabriel (Rethymno Aegean) 118
2. Patrick Ewing Junior (Aries Trikala) 109
3. Faye Mouhammad (Panelefsiniakos) 100
4. Dominique Sutton (Ikaros Chalkidas) 91
5. Giorgos Bogris (PAOK) 90

Ilisiakos has the two top blockers of the League with DJ Stephens and Cheikh Mbodj having 30 and 20 blocks respectively. In the fifth place is Joseph Taylor who is not playing anymore in the league.
1. DJ Stephens (Ilisiakos) 30
2. Cheikh Mbodj (Ilisiakos) 20
3. Darrius Garrett (Nea Kifisia) 20
4. Bryant Dunston (Olympiacos) 18
5. Joseph Taylor (Apollon Patras) 18

With more than 2 steals per game in average DJ Cooper and Demarius Bolds lead the category. Followed by three Greek players, the veteran Pelekanos and Papamakarios and the young Mantzaris.
1. DJ Cooper (PAOK) 27
2. Demarius Bolds (Apollon Patras) 26
3. Michalis Pelekanos (Aris) 19
4. Vangelis Mantzaris (Olympiacos) 18
5. Manolis Papamakarios (Panelefsiniakos) 17

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