Saturday, January 25, 2014

KAOD lost from Nea Kifisia for Greek League 15th day

KAOD hosted Nea Kifisia for Greek Basket League 15th day. Nea Kifisia started the game better than KAOD and took the lead by six points in the first quarter. KAOD reacted in the second quarter and with an 8-0 run equalized the score from 17-25 to 25-25. The first half finished with Nea Kifisia ahead by one points, 32-33. Nea Kifisia had 6/9 three pointers with Dimitris Tsaldaris having 11 points and Tony Crocker 8 points. For KAOD team game was the key with 9 players having scored in the first half. KAOD's team game helped the team to take the lead in the third quarter. Although in the beginning Nea Kifisia created a six points difference, 32-38, KAOD managed to counter attack and finish third quarter ahead by 3 points. With J'Covan Brown and Lazeric Jones KAOD reached 8 points of difference in the fourth quarter, 58-50. Nea Kifisia reduced it to 3 points, 59-56, with Kakiouzis and Garrett. The last minute was tight for both teams with Dimitris Tsaldaris scoring again after a long time and making the score 66-64. Tony Crocker equalized the score, 66-66, but Zaras with a three pointer and Slaftsakis with a free throw gave their team 4 points lead. Liakopoulos scored 2/2 and Lazeric Jones 1/2 free throws. Liakopoulos scored a crucial three pointer and the game finished with equal score in normal time, 71-71. Nea Kifisia was leading the score in the extra time before Dante Stiggers equalized, 74-74. Thodoros Zaras scored in the last seconds and made the score 76-74. Dimitris Tsaldaris and Michalis Kakiouzis failed to score but their team was collecting the rebounds and Dimitris Tsaldaris with his 5th but most crucial three pointer gave his team a great victory with score 76-77. For KAOD Diamantis Slaftsakis was the top player with 13 points and 8 rebounds, with Lazeric Jones having 19 points and 7 rebounds. For Nea Kifisia Dimitris Tsaldaris had 20 points with 5/9 three pointers, including the crucial winning one. Tony Crocker had 16 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. The veteran Michalis Kakiouzis had 2 points and 7 rebounds.
Quarters' scores: 10-16, 32-33, 48-45, 71-71
Extra time: 76-77.

KAOD: Slaftsakis 13, Jones 19, Stiggers 8, Brown 9, Vaughn 7, Marković 2, Spyridonidis 2, Bavčić 5, Zaras 11, Benas, Kolovis.
Nea Kifisia: Vasiljevic 2, Liakopoulos 11, Crocker 16, Kompodietas 3, Sioutis, Garrett 8, Petrodimopoulos, Woods 7, Tsaldaris 20, Adegboye 3, Kakiouzis 2, Barlos 5.

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