Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apollon Patras beat Korivos Amaladas for Greek Cup

Apollon Patras hosted and beat Korivos Amaladas for Greek Cup second round third day. Apollon started the game with a 7-0 run but Korivos made its own 6-18 run and finish the first quarter leading the score. Early in the second quarter Apollon got back the lead and kept it until the end. Korivos tried to counter attack in the last quarter and lowered the difference to three points, 52-49, but the home team made a 5-0 run and secured the victory. Apollon Patras had 1/12 three pointers in the first half in a tight game which was the first home game for the team. Apollon Patras had Brandon Penn, Toarlyn Fitzpatrick, Gaios Skordilis and Muhammad El-Amin with two digits points scored while for Korivos Amaliadas Rob Lowery scored 23 points, Josh Magette 9 points and Darrius Garrett 8 points.
Quarters' scores: 13-18, 28-21, 45-35, 65-54.

Apollon Patras (Vetoulas): Penn 12 (2), Fitzpatrick 11, El-Amin 10, Mpatis 8 (1), Molfetas, Argyropoulos 3 (1), Antonakis 2, Galloway 9, Skordilis 10, Niforas.
Korivos Amaliadas (H. Markopoulos): Maggett 9 (1), Aggelopoulos 2, Kanonidis 1, Garrett 8, Vasiljevic 2, Lowery 23 (2), Giannakidis, Papapetrou 3, Dmitriev 3 (1).

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