Saturday, March 7, 2015

AEK smashed Apollon Patras for Basket League nineteenth day

AEK beat Apollon Patras for Basket League Greece 2014-2015 nineteenth day. Great road victory for AEK in Patras where Apollon is powerful. The first quarter finished with triple score and the second quarter with double score for AEK. Apollon had a terrible first half in accuracy with 1/14 three pointers and 5/18 two pointers. Apollon finished the first half with the same points (21) that just two players of AEK had scored: Dusan Sakota (10) and Pops Mensah-Bonsu (11). Apollon did not managed to counter attack in the second half and AEK won the game by 41 points! AEK had 15/28 three pointers while Apollon had 2/27! For the winners Pops Mensha-Bonsu made a double double with 16 points and 12 rebounds. Dusan Sakota had 27 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, Carl English had 12 points and Malik Hairston had 11 points. For Apollon Patras Batis had 12 points, Penn had 10 points, and Skordilis had 11 points.  AEK played tight defence which led El-Amin having 1/11 field goals and Toarlyn Fitzpatrick 0/6 field goals. Fitzpatrick and Galloway collected 7 rebounds each. Impressive victory for AEK against Apollon in Patras!
Quarters' scores: 8-26, 21-43, 38-70, 48-89.

Apollon Patras (Vetoulas): Skordilis 11, Argyropoulos, Galloway 5, Penn 10(2), Fitzpatrick, Antonakis, Batis 12(1), El-Amin 6, Pelekoudas, Molfetas 3, Niforas, Georgallis 1.
AEK (Sakota): Papantoniou 3(1), Delininkaitis 6(2), Sakota 27(5), Kaselakis 6(2), Polytarchou, Hairston 11(1), Williamson, Sarikopoulos 4, Athinaiou 3(1), Milosevic 1, Mensa-Bonsu 16, English 12(3).

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