Sunday, January 5, 2014

Panathinaikos defeated Rethymno Aegean for Greek League twelfth day

Rethymno Aegean hosted and lost by Panathinaikos for Greek League twelfth day. The first quarter was a game between Justin Hurtt and Kenny Gabriel against Panathinaikos. Hurtt and Gabriel had scored 9 and 7 points respectively, all the points of Rethymno Aegean in the first quarter and half of the team rebounds. For Panathinaikos Antonis Fotsis had 4 points and 6 rebounds in the first quarter, as many as the whole team of Rethymno. After 13 minutes in the game a third player scored for Rethymno, Aggelopoulos, making the score 22-26. With more players scoring for Rethymno the team approached Panathinaikos in the score with 25-26 with a three pointer by Arbet but Panathinaikos replied with two three pointers in a row. Half time finished with score 35-40. Rethymno Aegean managed to follow Panathinaikos since more players scored, besides Hurtt and Gabriel. For Panathinaikos 11 players have scored in the first half, with a bench depth that most teams in Greek League cannot compete. In the third quarter Panathinaikos broaden the difference with great team play and with double rebounds than Rethymno but also double turnovers. Panathinaikos won a game against a good team that didn't have its bench depth. For Panathinaikos Antonis Fotsis collected 11 rebounds but scored only 7 points and missed a double double. James Gist didn't miss a shot with 6/6 two pointers, 1/1 free throw and 1/1 three pointer, while Stephane Lasme missed only one shot, 6/7 two pointers and 2/2 free throws. Dimitris Diamantidis scored 12 points and gave 6 assists. Justin Hurrt scored 19 points and Kenny Gabriel 13 points with 7 rebounds.
Quarters' scores: 16-19, 35-40, 48-61, 63-82.

Rethymno Aegean: Hurtt 19, Kallinikidis, Koumpouras 5, Aggelopoulos 11, Wright, Antonopoulos, Kalampokis, Kanonidis 4, Sinis, Latovic 2, Arbet 9, Gabriel 13.
Panathinaikos: Bramos 5, Curry 13, Batiste 1, Fotsis 7, Ukić, Lasme 14, Mavrokefalidis 2, Diamantidis 12, Gist 16, Pappas 6, Giankovits 3, Mačiulis 3.

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