Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rethymno Aegean lost by PAOK for the third day

Rethymno Aegean hosted and lost by PAOK for the third day of Greek Basketball League 2013-2014. Both teams started the season with two victories and were leading the league table. PAOK flight from Hungary, where the team played for Eurocup, directly to Rethymno. Apollon Tsochlas played against his previous team. PAOK started the game with a four points and finished the first quarter with 12-17. Second quarter started the same but 5 minutes before the half time Rethymno Aegean ran a 10-0 rally and took the lead by 4. DJ Cooper three pointers made the first half score 35-33 for Rethymno. In the second half PAOK ran an 8-0 rally and took the lead again, until the end. With consecutive three pointers from DJ Cooper, Mark Payne and Charalampidis PAOK was ahead by 13 points. Final score was 64-81 for PAOK as a result to its offensive play in the last two quarters. Kenny Gabriel made his third double double (10 points, 11 rebounds) in a row, even if his team lost, and now we have to search for the double double records.
Quarters' scores: 12-17, 35-33, 50-57, 64-81.

Rethymno Aegean: Hurtt 2, Kallinikidis, Koumpouras 4, Aggelopoulos 11, Pruitt 7, Kalampokis 6, Kanonidis 14, Sinnis, Latovic, Alexander 5, Arbet 5, Gabriel 10.
PAOK: Payne 16, Cooper 10, Charalampidis 15, Tsochlas 2, Vučićević, Tsairelis 15, Dedas, Margaritis 7, Kalles, Bogris 13, Kaselakis, Liapis 3.

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